Name: Aaron Schwartz

Nationality: Dual – Canadian & Swiss

Best place to snowboard: Laax, Whistler and Hokkaido are my top 3

Best place to hangout: Wherever my friends are – at home in Flims / Laax, Vancouver, New York, and Zurich. Too many good spots to name within those places.

Which role does photography and drawing have in your life? 

Art in general has a special place in my life because it’s both my passion and how I make a living. I’ve always loved to draw ever since I was a kid, it played a major part throughout my youth, during high school and at university where I studied graphic design – which is my main source of work to this day. Same goes for photography. I picked up a camera in high school and documented whatever was going on around me. Friends playing music in bands, skateboarding, doing stupid shit, and eventually also snowboarding – which is my other main focus during the winter. Creating visual content is what I love doing – be it with pictures, words or illustrations – so I’m grateful I’m able to do it for a living. 

Is there a difference to you between style and fashion?

I think so. Anyone can wear something and call it fashion, but not everyone has style. I’m not entirely sure that makes much sense. Having said that though, I don’t consider myself to be very fashionable and / or stylish, to be honest. I have a fairly basic taste – I mostly just like things that are black, grey or white. Those are the only “prerequisites” I have when it comes to things I wear. 

What is style to you? What is fashion? 

Style to me doesn’t necessarily have everything to do with what a person wears, I think it’s more someone’s overall personality and the way they carry themselves. Some people call that swag I guess? Anyway, style in a person is effortless and evident in every which way – with the way they speak, what they wear, how they walk, what they do, etc – without trying or forcing anything. Fashion to me is more of a product-based word, related more specifically to things that people wear. Wether or not it's stylish depends on the person and / or how it’s perceived by other people’s opinions of what’s stylish and what’s not. Again, not sure that makes any sense. 

Everyone’s perception of style & fashion is different. Do you work to be inclusive of many different ideas of style, or do you have your style and make products that are reflective of that style?

Ah, there it is! That’s what I meant with the last part of the previous answer. It is true that in the end it all has to do with different perceptions. I like to think I’m able to adapt at least a little bit depending on the project and / or client. It allows you to be open to a broader spectrum of work. Having said that, to a certain degree I do believe that I’ve settled into a somewhat specific style that I like to work within and somehow apply to different projects and also my personal work. I think that goes for a lot of people working in a creative field – the hope is to remain original and produce work that you can be proud of. 

What’s one fashion trend you could never get behind?

I don’t think I’ll ever be caught alive wearing Crocs.

Do you have a homepage? 

Yes, it’s www.aaronschwartz.ca and awfully outdated. 

Instagram: @akaschwartz